How and when did you get into wheelchair basketball?
After retiring from swimming and coaching, I wanted to find a new sport to keep me fit and have fun so I contacted my local club to ask whether I could come and have a go.

What trophies/awards have you earned? (as an individual and/or part of a team)
As a wheelchair basketball player nothing yet. But as a swimmer I have many medals from international, national and local events, including Luton Sports Woman of the year three times.

Have you ever represented England/Scotland/Wales or GB? If so at what events?
Not as a wheelchair basketball player but as a swimmer I represented England three times at the CP World Games and Great Britain in a number of events.

What do you think is your biggest achievement?
In wheelchair basketball so far; making the starting line-up for both Eastern Blue Stars and Hereward Heat and developing my skills in a completely new sport for me. In swimming; achieving an IPC World Record in 1500m Freestyle twice and representing GB.

What do you like best about Women’s League?
It is fun and friendly and I enjoy playing sport with team mates who are also my friends, as well as watching other women playing at a higher level and learning all the time.

What is your National League Club?
Hereward Heat WBC

Anything else you would like included in your profile?
Wheelchair basketball has given me an opportunity to play a sport that I never thought I would, make friends with lots of other disabled people and have lots of fun playing sport.