How and when did you get into wheelchair basketball?
Clare Strange’s sister was my OT at Stoke Mandeville, whilst I was an inpatient. I went to watch Clare play at the Guttman Centre when I was on my prone trolley, she also lent me a spare basketball chair she had. Quite simply I was hooked from then!

What trophies/awards have you earned? (as an individual and/or part of a team)
I set up and brought together players from all over England to create the Eastern Blue Stars, we won the Women’s League Division One, for three years running. I moved down to the second team to concentrate on East region players and have now re-launched them this season (2013/2014) as the Eastern Blue Stars after the first team disbanded.

Have you ever represented England/Scotland/Wales or GB? If so at what events?
I was part of the GB Squad for four years; I played for GB in Sheffield against the Dutch, holding them to a draw in the quarter that I played. I went to Czech Republic with Coyotes and played several games against all mens teams, with no wins, but some amazing play under our belts.

What do you think is your biggest achievement?
Getting the East region players understanding and playing proper wheelchair basketball and watching them flourish.

What do you like best about Women’s League?
It’s all women, from every corner of the UK all together, having fun and enjoying playing sport, being active and competitive. And it’s all in one venue so you can watch/socialise and enjoy women’s games, catch up with friends and watch the intensity of the first division, without actually having to get smashed up!

What is your National League Club?
None at the moment, I choose to only play in the Women’s League.

Anything else you would like included in your profile?
Having friends that are disabled active women gives me such strength and support and I would want that for all disabled women.